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photovoltaic power station

Our Story

Neuralsolar is a company with a DNA of innovation in the field of electronics, specializing in the development and design of patentable monitoring devices and pattern detection in solar electricity production equipment and monitoring solutions for large areas with reduced need for infrastructure, such as for example, monitoring pollution or illegal activities in the ocean or monitoring forest fires.

Meet Our Team

Our professional team. From the most varied areas, from management to engineering. Get to know us.

António Figueira, MSc MBA

Head of Business and Sales Office

Prof. Mouhaydine Tlemcani, PhD

Technology Advisor

Oumaima Mesbahi, MSc

Head of Technology Office

Masud Rashel, PhD

Head of Research & Innovation

Cláudia Lopes, BsC

Head of Marketing & Social Media

Alejandro Gómez Monroy, BsC

New Business Specialist

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