NeuralSolar at Web Summit 2021

We are so happy that NeuralSolar could join this year Web Summit at Lisbon, Portugal.

Almost 40,000 people were in this event and we got to know some of them, and make some great connections!

On the first day, thanks to the help of Startup Portugal, we got our own stand at ALPHA 3, Pavillon 2. It was amazing to get in touch with other companies and investors, and in this year edition there were so many startups focused on clean energy that the conversations and exchange of ideas were so fulfilling.

Really made us believe in a future with a sustainable world where technology is used for the greater good!

On the last day we got the opportuity to show our device in another stand in partnership with KPMG Portugal, and we were so gratefull for that chance.

We are so happy with everything we have achieved during our time there, hard work really pays off!

What an incredible experience it was!

See you next year Web Summit 🔥🚀

Good News!

We, NeuralSolar, are a company with a DNA of innovation in the field of electronics, specializing in the development and design of patentable monitoring devices and pattern detection in solar electricity production equipment and monitoring solutions for large areas with reduced need for infrastructure.

In this past weeks we have been working on the our Device, we have upgraded some features and analyzed different outcomes in different scenarios. And we are happy to announce that the NeuralSolar Device is currently working as we planned, and we achieved the goal of proving the technology. At this point we are prepared for the next step, the field test.

See the full video of the Device here.