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Our constant connection with the University of Évora is an asset, as we have with us the best talents in the most varied areas.
Allowing us to be able to offer the best services.

Such as consulting services from programming to IoT solutions to Coding Know How, among others.

Programming consulting and cloud computing

We help you develop software that improves your company's productivity and effectiveness. Optimization of your internal processes. Cloud computing services - Creating the opportunity for your businesses to undergo digital transformation in order to improve efficiency and
reduce costs.

consultancy on electronic systems and automation

We have an inventory of diverse electronic material for the development of electronic systems and functional prototypes. Automation Consulting - Reduced operating costs, reduced accidents and lost time, improved quality, increased productivity and solutions for production failures.

consultancy for mathematical modeling of physical systems

Systems for driving differential equations, recurrence relations and symbolic formulas with their data to test and refine models. Model physical, electrical, and other systems to inform design decisions.

Coding Know How

Scale at customer requirements multi languages end to end solution turn key projects.

IoT Solutions

Our experts adapt to the specific needs of your solution, match the right expertise for your needs and together we will develop IoT connectivity solutions that serve real-world users and environments.

embedded systems consulting

Embedded systems product development, embedded systems and implementation of the best software development processes and practices for reducing bugs. Our engineering consultants are dedicated to helping development teams stay on schedule while designing safer, more reliable, and secure embedded systems.

Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels and consultancy in new solar energy technologies.
Remote monitoring and efficiency maximization.

design for manufacturing (DFM)

During the design process, DFM assessments are completed to identify potential issues that may impact product cost, quality and delivery. The manufacturing engineering team will recommend necessary design enhancements in order to optimize all the manufacturing functions such as fabrication, assembly, test, procurement, and shipping.

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